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Dravin stayed kneeling down at the side of the female sith as he listened to Cade speak. As Cade spoke, Dravin felt slightly annoyed at his words. Cade spoke like a narrow minded idiot. Tilting his head slightly to the right to listen to Cade's words more closely he caught the last part.

"...Because I was one of them."

Another smirk formed over his face, concealed however by his hood Dravin spoke his tone soft, and mindful "And yet here you stand. Redeemed. Ready to not give the chance of redemption to another. There is always intelligence to be gained by anyone about anything. Your mind just has to be opened to receiving it."

This is one reason why Dravin liked droids better then living, breathing creatures. Droids just listened and did, creatures argued and refused to see reason, or truth behind there narrow mindedness.

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