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Not sure I follow on the same page. You mean specifically in America or the world over? North America? What exactly? Or are you generalizing?
I meant the world over, however people are free to discuss it in the context of their own countries, for instance pointing by out why the alliance is good bad in the US.

Why does it exist? As I understand it, there was originally free market where you had farmers bartering and trading, no currency except gold and precious materials were involved.
Hardly true, depending on how early (and where) you think the "beginning" was, the system could be anything from a "planned economy" (where the despot/chief decided what you would do, what you would get in return etc) to a semi free market where individual tribesmen bartered whatever they had been able to gather. Even in this case, it would only fit the definition of free markets in rare cases (for instance having multiple providers of a skin a consumer desperately needs is hard when only one tribesman had been able to kill a suitable animal).

At least in the US, the right wing tends to be more conservative (socially as well as economically), and many of the religious tend to also be conservative (at least socially). From an alliance point of view, it thus makes sense.
and to some extent this is true in many other countries, however, I'm a bit curious as to why this is so. For instance it would be fairly easy to use the bible to argue in favor of leftist policies, and indeed many Christians do a fantastic job working in charities to help the poor. Not only are charities disruptive to the free market, it's also a small step from wishing to help with one's own time and money to wish for tax money to be used to help the needy.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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