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Lightmaps for Dummies

Hello All,

I wanted to put together a tutorial for creating and getting lightmaps in game. MagnusII has been wonderful in adding in this ability to his KA program, and if you have seen the screens in the Sleheyron thread, you should agree it makes a big difference in terms of realism. This new version has not yet been released, but I wanted to make a simple, to the point tutorial for any area modelers that may be interested.

Take a look, I do not believe I forgot anything. The cool thing is, there is allot of wiggle room for personal experimentation. Allot of the settings I use in the tutorial you can choose other options for, and play around with the results. I used the settings that I found to work best for my areas based on trial and error, feel free to take the knowledge and play with it.

Here is the link:


Edit: And if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, I am happy to answer anything. Thanks.
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