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Lyna Force pushed Cylax to the wall. "Be still! Bounty hunter or not, you need to let go of the past!! And Cade!" She sighed, and walked over to him. "Please. If you kill her... we won't get the information we need from her. Dravin's right. 'There is always intelligence to be gained by anyone about anything. Your mind just has to be opened to receiving it.' "

She looked into Cade's eyes, which were filled with anger. "We take what is given, Cade..."

Syana, who breathed heavily on the floor, glared through tears. "Kill me! It's the last thing anyone will ever do. I rather die than tell you anything!"

She sobbed through angered tears, and looked up at Dravin. Why was he helping her? She tried to reach inside his mind, but almost felt as if it was blocked.
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