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"That's it! You leave me to die and you can't even remember my name?!?! Allow me to remind you then. I am Cylax Naus, ex bounty hunter. You sliced off my arm in my attempt to capture you and because of that my grenade was activated...I had to crawl all the way back to my ship with one arm, half a leg and severe burns. So now I look the way I am, and for making me suffer I don't see why I shouldn't return the favor."

'Be still! Bounty hunter or not, you need to let go of the past!! And Cade!"

Lyna forced pushed Cylax against the wall. Still tried to ponder his memory for a Cylax Naus. He had been encountered with many bounty hunters in the past during the years; each one had there faces blured with the next.

"Lyna, I'll deal with that guy later. But right now..." he glanced up at Dravin.

"And yet here you stand. Redeemed. Ready to not give the chance of redemption to another. There is always intelligence to be gained by anyone about anything. Your mind just has to be opened to receiving it."

"Interesting choice of words, coming from somebody who wants to steal my ship." Cade retorted. "This one had many chances upon many chances of redemption. It was her own choice to become and continue her path as a sith. And when there is an action, there must always be a consequence!"

He switched off his lightsaber. "Whats the point in continuing with this argument... If you want to keep her alive, fine. But if she does anything stupid in the mean time, you take her out without hesitation."
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