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Originally Posted by -=*Raz0r*=- View Post
I believe you can rotate the weapon any way you like - the firing direction and accuracy is handled by code
Your right Raz0r, but no one wants their gun pointed to the left 90 degrees and shoot forward. So he'll need to rotate the gun in Dragon to get it into correct position for animating, and then rotate it back to default so the gun will point forward.

However: If I want to make an animation for BOTH_ATTACK4 (or 3 for that matter), do I have to count the legs with it? I mean, do I also have to mod the legs? Or does the game only look at the upper part of the body?
The standing idle is a Torso animation, but the firing animation is a Both animation. What this means is that when your character stands still he will use the legs of Both_stand1. When you shoot though the animation will use whatever leg and torso position you make for the firing animation.

At least I think so based off the prefixes. The JA coders may have disabled this. Quick way to tell would be to change the stand1 stance to something with different legs, like the staff stance, and then fire the gun.

I do believe that the JKA Multiplayer sdk has that code, which is written in C++. That is probobly how OJP did the holstering.
You are correct, but this is being discussed for the single player JA game. Mp code won't do us any good here.
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