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^^^So then what are you saying specifically about self accountability? You still didn't answer his question, which I now echo.

Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
^Sorry. I can't support the isolationist view as a solution to our problems.
Well, fine, but how much more can we afford to ship overseas in terms of jobs? We've already given up technical and manufacturing, and service category is well on the way--if it won't be given to machines first. The uneven economic playfield allows corporations (regardless of public or private) to foothold their positions over smaller businesses and effectively lock them out of competition. Rather than people who are self reliant, independent, and sustaining, we may soon have public corporations to which we are all dependent upon.

As the world's only true superpower, it's our responsibility to be involved in the global community for better or for worse. No country can survive without being involved with the rest of society. This was proved after WWI.
OK I do agree there about the involvement aspect, but I would cut this off when outsourcing begins to wreak havoc, but of course nobody cared about consequences of that for the past 16 years.

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Someone mind telling me why the US is destined to go to hell?
Preferably without references to religious apocalypses.
The writer of the article is having a fit that Alaska is still a part of America in 2009 going into 2010--so he set up projections on his computerized simulations to "prove" this will happen. Personally I think his obsession with USA falling is masking his fit he's having over Alaska not yet being part of Russia once again.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
But, but, but, Murph, in the Bible it specifically states "And in the year 2010, the Great Nation of America, blessed by God, will be led to it's utter destruction by the Anti-Christ... Barack Obama". Have you not read that part of the Bible?
Pictures of the text or it never happened.
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