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Kyr'galaar dreamed. He had been placed in stasis like all the other ARC Troopers, so he had nothing else to do. He dreamed of a great battle on a dust red planet that left many of his vode dead and dying, but did more damage to the enemy than he had though possible.
He dreamed of jetiise slicing through the enemy forces and leading his vode to parjai.
Good dreams.
Then once more, the darkness of stasis crept in, and Kyr'galaar waited for the next dream...

::ARC Stasis room::
Orun Wa detailed what he had heard about the battle of Geonosis thus far to his laboratory assistants. Hid long gray/blue neck swaying back and forth as he spoke.
"The clones have performed at 99% capacity in this battle. They have successfully liberated the captured Jedi, who are now in pursuit of the Confederacy leader, and are routing the enemies forces, "the Kaminoan scientists said to his lackies, "But 99% capacity isn't good enough. The next order must be pushed to operate at 100% capacity under stressful conditions. No more Null ARC's , no more fear among the product. The Republic isn't paying this facility to produce sub-standard soldiers."
Orun Wa continued his rant for a few standard minutes. Kr'galaar had heard what he wanted. His vode and the jetiise were winning the akaan, and his frequent dreams would be filled with images of his brothers crushing CIS droids under the kom'rk of the Republic.

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