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Dravin listened to Cade's words and chuckled silently to himself. Jedi to Dravin were all the same, narrow minded fools. And so far he didn't meet one that proved other wise. One's that were Jedi's but claimed not to be were worse, they believed themselves better then the ones around. All Dravin wanted to do was get to a different planet, find a ship and start his career again. But being with these people... these irritating people prove more trouble then he wanted. But he wasn't about to leave the weeping sith here upon the roof top of Cade's uncles home.

Letting out a small silent sigh Dravin nodded his head to the one who was now currently speaking.

"I don't think I'd need your help carrying her." he said to the man, his tone empty and cold. Dravin stayed kneeling down by her side, his light green eyes looking into her eyes.

Slowly Dravin leaned down and whispered softly into her ear "Don't be in a hurry to die... instead... be in a hurry to regain your life..."

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