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Atrila knew she was in trouble even as the laser blasts from the enemy fighters finally managed to punch through the shields of her fighter and hit the engines of her modified bomber sending her into a spin toward the planet below.

I wasn't expecting them to track me so quickly. They must be force sensative to have managed to track me this far away from their base. It looks like I have no choice, I'll have to try and make a landing on the planet below.

Atrila turned the ship nose up and watched as the planet quickly filled her view

Minutes later

The bomber tore across the sky with all four of the Sith fighters in hot pursuit. She looked down in suprise as the life signs detector went off. She looked down just in time to very briefly see a small group of people on the ground before she passed them.

Hmph. Looks like the planet isn't abandoned after all. This could be bad if they turn out to be sith.

Atrila had no more time to think as her ship impacted with the ground. The last thing she saw before losing losing consciencess were the four ships landing, each of them piloted by figures in dark cloaks
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