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Texting While Driving

Galveston County Texas is set to ban texting while driving.

I for one believe this proposed law is almost as ludicrous as texting while driving. Isnít there already laws governing safe driving? If someone is recklessly driving while texting, canít the police officer already give them a citation for reckless driving? If they were honest they would tell the truth, this is merely a tax increase in the disguise of public safety.

And no, I do not text or read text messages while driving. I do not even talk on the cell phone unless driving down some back country deserted county road. I have been around to many auto fatalities in my life to risk contributing to that number. I just think there are already laws covering this type of behavior and this is merely opening another revenue stream.

If you disagree then please explain the last line of the article.
Originally Posted by Police Chief Charles Wiley
Unlike the cityís smoking ban ó which police said was difficult to enforce ó a citywide ban on texting while driving shouldnít be a problem since officers can easily detect when motorists are engaging in the practice, and city crews donít have to post any signs warning motorists about the ban
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