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@GTA--don't misunderstand. I think they should be punished for reckless (not wreckless ...haha) behavior. I had to call someone once b/c their father had just had a heart attack. First thing I asked was what they were doing before revealing the mssg. If they were driving, I wasn't gonna tell 'em right away b/c they were living out-of-state anyhow and couldn't have done anything. The # I had to call was for a cell phone, and they told me later they appreciated that I'd asked first. I think, like mimartin on this, that there are probably enough laws on the books to already cover dangerous behavior. However, people often being stubborn and even stupid at times, might just need these kinds of things from time to time to set them straight. I think a lot of people still have that "it'll never happen to me" feeling and will continue to use poor judgement till it's too late. Perhaps another law specifically targeting these morons is unnecessary, but there should be a somewhat draconian fine system in place to keep it from growing into an even greater problem over time.

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