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Free Market/trade, capitalism, and business ethics behavior.

I have some lingering thoughts about this from the other threads of recently, and anyone, do by all means feel free to elaborate points and posts fro mother threads.

Specifically this thread has to do with the governance and motive on a personal level dealing with all aspects of business, trade, etc. in an economy.

What is it? Why is it important?
What is a foundation for which institutions of an economy and perhaps economies themselves are built upon?

Do companies set examples for one another as well as the behavior of people both within and without a said company?

What are ethics and why are these important in a professional/impersonal setting especially in business? How does this affect everything on a larger scale?
Instability in the market--does it correlate to behavior in business or is it caused by said behaviors?

This is an explorative thesis so feel free to elaborate and use examples and philosophic metaphor, but of course do try to be relevant and on topic.
My thoughts upon this are not fully formed so I personally am just asking to throw it out her for the rest of you and see why you all think/where it should go.

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