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We have a law here in CO banning texting while driving, but our local sheriff is a bit of a realist- he says, quite rightfully, that it is an impossible law to enforce fairly, so they won't. It's impossible to distinguish between someone checking a call, looking at the time, or what-have-you from actual texting, so it's only a secondary offense here (i.e. you won't be pulled for it but can be ticketed if you're pulled for something else).

That's not to say it's ok to text and drive, just that it's impossible to prevent. People are stupid, and do stupid things, like text and drive. I personally used to text and call and drive all the time, but after a year of not driving (was overseas sans autos) I won't do either now (plus the whole maturing and qwerty phone keyboards being impossible to text on while driving). I'll honestly just pull over as I don't get important enough calls to talk and drive and endanger my own life. If you're stupid enough to text while the car is in motion you deserve to drive into a tree and die so that you don't drive into me and I die.

Texting I'll do at a stoplight, nowhere else. It sometimes takes 3 stoplights to get a message sent.

Also, on any ticket, get a lawyer. That signals the judge that you are taking your offense seriously and nearly always drops the offense down to something else. You end up paying more for the lawyer, but your record is better and your insurance company is none the wiser. I've seen reckless driving tickets reduced down to improper lane change or taillight out "fix-it" tickets. Note: I've never gotten a speeding or reckless ticket, this is just what I've seen friends and car buddies do. Always lawyer up.

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