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Originally Posted by thegame197676 View Post
Business ethics... are only practiced as much as needed to remain within the laws, or at least the laws they cant get away with breaking. In business it is all about money, and it will always be about finiancial gain. The company was made to make money, not to be benifit to the community.

This is why CEO's make to 6 to 7 figures and your common worker barely makes enough to survive.
So.... is this a good thing? I am familiar with this argument, and I cannot swallow it. Why is business all about the money? For many people, and for some businessmen/women, it is not all about the money, even if they do make a substantial salary or profit.

CEO's are not feudal lords. Yet, many are allowed to live like them. We celebrate (especially here is the US) big success, and everyone wants to pat the super-rich on the back and treat them like a king... showering gifts on those that need it the least, because we are so in awe, so wanting to be like them... puke, puke puke.

Business ethics is a broad topic/discussion, but well worth having, even if a day late and a dollar short. I feel that the belief you expressed in the quote above is typical populist rhetoric, as well as being in practice mostly true. That is a little ironic, as ethical behavior should be at the forefront of everything EVERYONE does. Why do we celebrate the effectiveness of reckless/thoughtless/abusive behavior? Because it pays? Please.

If that is the case, hell in a handbasket is what we deserve.
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