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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
im not so concerned with building muscle since that weighs more than fat, i weigh 200 pounds, i should be between 150 and 180. i'm 5'9" losing weight will help improve my 2 mile time.
dude. Its not about how much you weigh, its about what your weight is comprised of

there is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING wrong with some good muscle mass. ESPECIALLY if you are going into the army, strenght is strenght. It will also strengthen your joints ligaments and tendons which will help you alot more than just losing some fat. It will also make you faster when to strengthen your quads, hammies, calves ETC as all are used for running

I suggest doing some serious reading on athletic fitness and conditioning since you seem to not have of knowledge in those areas. I will keep an eye out for some reading that might help you out.
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