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Why is it important?
The importance of business ethics will be different from person to person but most dosen't care, or doesen't want to know enough to care (an example could be people who believes animals deserves to be treated with respect, but intentionally do not obtain information on how the animals they eat are treated).

What is a foundation for which institutions of an economy and perhaps economies themselves are built upon?
Err, demand? Not sure what you're getting at here.

why are these important in a professional/impersonal setting especially in business?
Not sure if it's that impotant, while many companies might claim to be ethical, they usually only act "ethically" due to percieved gain from doing so. While you could say this qualifies, I'd say it has more to do with consumers being ethical than companies.

Why is business all about the money?
Because that's what we tell business to do, when you invest in a company, you don't usually do it to, let's say fight poverty, you do it to make a profitt.

and everyone wants to pat the super-rich on the back and treat them like a king... showering gifts on those that need it the least, because we are so in awe, so wanting to be like them... puke, puke puke.
Alternatively, we shower them with gifts because we want something in return, when government give tax cuts, they want the rich to consume or reinvest, when Joe cubicile brings the boss coffee, he wants to increase the chance of being promoted.

That is a little ironic, as ethical behavior should be at the forefront of everything EVERYONE does.
Maximizing profitt can't be ethical? Explain.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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