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Oh, come on, I've beat Jerec on Hard at least a half dozen times with no cheats and no Force. I have beat the whole game on hard so many times that I have to invent new ways to make it challenging. I now start the game, use the 'all weapons' cheat, drain all my weapons, and use my saber exclusively for the entire game. I play that way with no cheats, and never once get killed, on hard dificulty. The levels that are the most difficult that way, are the ones with probe droids. I found the trick though. First, you let them get close, let them fire, deflect it, run forward, do a quick slash, step back, and deflect two more lasers into it, and it's toast.

So, I challenge you to play the game on hard without using one single cheat. Unless of course you ar gonna use the saber exclusively for the whole game. Betcha can't do it. :P

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