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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
bein' evicted. need a place to stay.

I know of a couple of places... around here. (But that probably won't do you much good...)

Speaking of which: M. just rented out her spare room to a young Korean college student from the Seattle area.

I don't think she's crazy about the idea of a roommate, especially a young guy (and I'm not particularly crazy about that fact, either... but I've met him, and he seems OK...) but she now knows that all she has to provide is half the rent and utilities... and tonight was the most relaxed and happy I've seen her in many months.

And I think maybe something changed tonight because of it: She asked if I was working Sunday, and when I said no, she suggested we get together and do something. Go somewhere. Or just hang out...

No plans... nothing she wants me to help her with... just to be together.

We also might attend a party tomorrow night together, too... if she can get out of work early enough.

It's not a huge, groundbreaking shift by any means... and really not enough to read much into it... but it was enough to take me by surprise at the time, and put me back on alert.

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