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Donc, tu veux que quelqu'un traduise le patch non-officiel qui a ete fait pout TSL?

Si c'est le cas, notes que ceci est le forum d'un outil particulier (Kotor Tool) et je me permet de deplacer la presente discussion dans le forum dedie aux demandes de mods. Dans le cas contraire, n'hesites pas a me contacter via PM.

Ceci dit, avant que quelqu'un entreprenne un tel travail de traduction, il te faudrait egalement la permission des createurs du patch a moins que ce soit pour usage personnel seulement...simple formule de respect et de courtoisie entre moddeurs qui evite de creer du ressentiment inutile et non voulu.

English translation of what I posted above:
So, you' are looking for someone to translate the unnoficial patch that was made for TSL?

If that's the case, please take note that this is a forum dedicated to a specific tool (Kotor Tool) and that I am therefore allowing myself to move your thread to the mod request forum. If I am wrong, please do not hesitate to contact me via PM.

That being said, in order for someone to undertake such a translation work, you also need the permission of the patch creators unless it is for personal use is a simple formula of respect and courtesy applicable amongst modders in order to avoid creating unneeded and unwanted resentment.
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