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Does it? Smith looks like more of the same, unfortunately. Comparing the two regeneration scenes, they're nearly identical - right down to the gurning. Although at least this one lacked the execrable "new teeth" line.

Honestly, don't expect a revolution from Moffat - he's Rose T Dementia's chosen successor, after all.

Not only this, he's kept on the excruciatingly awful Murray Gold's services as composer (apparently Moffat shares the opinion that we need to be signposted to cry by whopping great instrumental sections so poorly mixed you can't hear the diabolical dialogue).

He's also getting Chris Chibnall in to work on the series (that Chris Chibnall. Yes, Torchwood's Chris Chibnall).

Fundamentally, the programme's going to remain the same unWho it's been since 2005. Moffat's not going to risk a winning formula.

And, to be quite honest, his scripts suffer from much the same issues as Ribos T Dominator's. They're marginally more coherent, that's all. Look at Blink. There's a good story there, buried under dire sub-soap claptrap. And not all of that is down to Rasputin T Doggerel.

Don't get me wrong, there will be some improvement, I'm sure. But it'll be incremental, not sudden revolution. Next season isn't going to contain another Ghost Light. I'm afraid any hope for intelligent Doctor Who on TV is well and truly dead and buried.
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