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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
i need to lose the weight so i don't have to be taped. meps doctors are picky. but yeah i'll start lifting weights more. just not sure to do weight lifting then cardio every day or to switch between the 2. the main thing i don't like about lifting weights is the place i go to is kinda small so depending on the time, got people breathing down my neck to use the equipment. not cool, especially in the morning.
I'm sure if you go in there looking FIT instead of fat the meps doctors will be OK with that.

and like lasiter said, you burn a TON of fat building a little muscle. If you go high protein(red meat actually gets you LOTS of vitamins and minerals btw) most of your food intake will go to muscle recovery and you will burn body fat to get energy. You dont even have to lift that heavy, if you do quick sets of 10 on excercises, 2-3 sets per excercise with mild weight increases each time. you get an aerobic workout with the anerobic.

you wont be as sore if you keep the weights down. We do 2 minutes between the START of each set. its pretty rough, but you can do a big routine in 30 minutes and then go and do some cardio. you will already be alittle winded and tired so it will really push you.

I lost 20 lbs and and ended up being 2-3 times as strong as I was at the beginning.

Dont like to any of the gym fags that spend 2 hours lifting, with most of it standing around and jawing with everyone. Its not about how long you are there, its about how hard you do at it.
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