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Personally I loathe the new series of Doctor Who, which has for the most part traded sci-fi adventures, inter-woven with interesting philosophical musings to an action kids drama for the now generation. They sacrificed plot for ridiculous OMG DR Who saves the Earth AGAIN! The charm of the original series was the slow building of plot, this also helped create the tension around the monsters which the current series has no longer got.

Russell T Davies may have "breathed new life" into the series, but he did that at the cost of selling the shows soul. The new music is ridiculously dramatic; which matches the general series mistaking for drama with "epic" show pieces, where the earth is about to be destroyed yet again.

All in all there are those who will say I'm being pretentious, however I actually think Russell T Davies and his ilk are the pretentious ones expecting people with reasonable minds expect us to swallow his poo. The new music is bad for the same reason the new series is awful, it is ridiculously stupid, with a self important "We are amazing" attitude.

My 2 cents...

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