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Originally Posted by thegame197676 View Post
After seeing so many good, hard workers laid off or replaced by newer employees who require sigmificantly less pay then someone with 5 to 10 years experiance... you can't possibly convince me that the people running these businesses have ethics as one of their priorities.. tell me what is ethical about laying off a dedicated experianced employee for someone with little to no experiance just to pay the new person a significantly lower wage
Who are you pointing this question at? Who is trying to convince you of anything? If it is I, I am afraid you have not understood my posts.

I agree with the majority of what you have said above, but there are conditions where replacing workers is acceptable.

Not to downplay your input, thegame197676, but if you are going to post in Kavar's Corner, you need to not only be passionate about your arguments, but also make sure you are addressing points and people in a way that makes sense, else be ignored. If you make points and arguments in a sensible way, you may not get consensus, but you will draw discussion and interest. I learned that the hard way too
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