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Originally Posted by MrHarper View Post
If you consider that 'sub-soap claptrap' then why have you stayed on to watch new episodes?
Because being a fan means taking the crap with the genius.

I even read The Eight Doctors.

Originally Posted by neon_git
Maybe my perspective is skewed by my diminishing willingness to suspend disbelief as I get older and a fuzzy/selective memory, either way I can't watch an episode without cringing and feeling nauseous.
It's not, and the idea that the new series' acting and dialogue are both fantastic compared to the old series is as patently false as the accusation that it was a "1970s wobbly-setted embarrassment" that keeps getting bandied about on clip shows by smug journalists whose research consists of wikipedia and what Rescue T Diamorphine says was the case.

Originally Posted by Jake View Post
Dr Who has had great acting and dialog in the past?
Yes, actually.

I'd certainly rate lines like "Emotions. Love. Pride. Hate. Fear. Have you no emotions, sir?" over "D'you mind not farting when ah'm trying to save the world?".

And I'd certainly take Caves of Androzani over The End of Time.
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