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^Actually it doesn't surprise me you didn't get it, hell, I doubt anyone on this forum will.
Tobias Reiper is the fake name Agent 47 uses in the first hitman game when he's trying to sneak in the hotel, to kill that one chinese guy whose name I can't remember and rescue the CIA agent, which is also why when I first got here I used hitman avatars, before moving on to different ones. Oh yeah, and you only hear it if you talk to said Bartender twice.
I know, it's the most obscure reference evar, but it's not like I can change it now, what with everyone that's seen me around knowing me as it.
Besides, I like the abbreviation people usually call me by, TR.

"There is no way to be better than everyone else, but being kind and having a sense of humor certainly helps." -Me, my quote on life.

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