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Multiplayer would have been amazing, and really added to the games longevity.

Just looking that the files, its a mess, downloadable content folders, lack of organization, cryptically names folders and files.

Is the PC version a converted 360 version?

Some multi-player powers I found

A "Team Heal"--Heals members of your faction within 15 meters by 50 percent.

Felucian Warrior Summon--Summon a Felucian Warrior that will resurect dead players and attack enemies of the player.

Shadow Guard Summon--Summon a random ShadowGuard type and attack enemies of the player.

Storm Squad--Summon a squad of stormtroopers that do your bidding.

Other (was in the test code but was commented out)
Lightning Shield
Vampire Attack
Defensive Turrents
Imperial Interrogator
Jump Trooper
Junk Titan
Imperial Incinerator
Scrap Sentinel
Wookie Hero
Felucian Warrior
Shadow Trooper
Felucian Shaman
Rancor Rampage
Tie Bomber Run
Star Destroyer Bombardment
Sith Rage
Jedi Combat
Mind Trick
Super Lightning
Super Push
Super grip

Multiplayer modes--
Holocron Gather (JO anyone?)

By the looks of the files they had a working multiplayer or were close to making one finished

Don't ask me what any of this means, this is all taken from Lucasarts code (even vampire attack)

Crixler: try TheForceUnleashed.scumcampaign.xml in Scum/Runtime/Prefs

Edit: The frame rate is set (at 30 fps) in AnimSystemOptions.animoptions.xml in Scum/Runtime
Good news for those with high end graphics cards

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