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Yeah, I noticed the stormtrooper squard mentioned in the files, but I didn't look too much into it, since I knew it was a multiplayer thing. That's interesting though.

I did, however, notice in the multiplayer scripts, that there was some sort of mention in comments about something not working and that being a serious problem. Perhaps that's part of why it was dropped?

Alright, going to extract that now...

Edit: oh, didn't read that well enough, it's something I should already have. yeah, I think I already looked at that. It's a bit messy, but I think I could probably give it a shot. I'll wait until we can recompress though, before I really do a whole lot besides look through it.

Edit 2:
I just went through all the cutscenes, looking for a place to squeeze the temple in, but there's no easy place. Maybe I'd be able to get a bit more creative and use some audio from the Wii version and edit the cutscenes a bit. I've only done about 2 levels on the Wii, but I understand the Jedi Temple shows up a few times there, so there must be some suitable audio. The video wouldn't work very well though.

Ok, I just watched the cutscenes before each temple visit... 2 of them have Vader sending you there, and the third assumes you've already been there before. I don't think the Vader ones are overly appropriate. Reading what the Wii missions contain, I think the DLC version is more or less a more epic version of the Wii/PS2's 3rd visit, so perhaps I could just use the audio from that, and cut out the word "again". If you've never played the wii or ps2 versions, or just don't remember, here's the scene:
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YouTube Video
it's at about 1:36. it's very... brief... But I may be able to figure something out.

I'm venturing off this thread's topic now though, so if I have any more developments, I guess I should just post a new thread.

More on topic, yes, I do believe you're right when you asked if it's a port of the 360 version. There are 360 buttons hidden in the files, plus to me, anyway, it makes more sense than the PS3 version, because I imagine since 360 and PC are both Microsoft, there must be less work involved. Perhaps I'm wrong and it is just a coincidence though.

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