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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
I say this begrudgingly, because I despise their unscrupulous business practices
I used to say the same thing about Intel yet I still shelled out for a corei7, simply because its a superior product.

At the end of the day.. if we really wanted to get political about the products we buy, our homes would be sparsely furnished hand built log cabins in the woods! Only then could we assure its not polluted by the results of corporate endeavour+greed....(though watch what forest you build that cabin in!)

Pretty much every major nation or corporation involved in international trade has some ruthless indiscretion in their history. If big business was unicorns and pink fairy floss, maybe we could make purchase decisions on conscience and business ethics, but the capitalist model makes that hard. This is particularly the case for markets that have only a couple of major players.

Besides, I suck at building log cabins

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Prime ends up with. Fermi should be worth waiting for, even if its just to bring AMDs prices down a smidge


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