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You know what might be a fun idea?

Let's play some X-Wing. I mean, this is the X-Wing Series forum, yes? We should probably be playing some X-Wing at some point. We could go through all the games as a community, or maybe just one to start. We'd all play the same missions at the same time, and then compare our scores, objectives complete, strategies, and stories from the missions. Since people are busy, we'd keep in light - only a few missions a week. That way, anyone who could spare an hour a week could join in.

I've seen this work on other gaming websites, but it's only fun if there's enough people participating, at least three. And now it's a question of whether people still have the games and machines capable of running them.

So, who's interested? I'm not proposing we start this up right now, at least for a few weeks. I'm just gauging interest.
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