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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
Got my part assignment for my upcoming event with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - 1st Violin
Righteous! Righteous!

Nice job!

Yesterday was fun and relaxing. I'd hardly call it "epic"... but at least it wasn't going over to help her move or work on her apartment or drive her to a store or something. Just hanging out together for fun... no work. Seemed like a step in the right direction, anyways. Time will tell...

Ran into a bunch of her friends almost immediately, and by the end of the night we ended up at a party at one of their places.

At the party one of her friends seemed to be throwing off a bit of a vibe at me, as well. I dunno if she was just buzzed, or is just always naturally flirty... but she's also really cute, and it could be something to keep in mind if things don't progress.

Taking the next 2 weeks off from work. I haven't had a proper vacation in years.

Gonna get out of town for a bit: Drive down to the Washington DC area and do the whole "gawking tourist" thing for a few days. Poke around all the monuments and museums.

I'll probably leave Boston on Wednesday. I hope to spend the whole weekend in DC. Might drive a bit further down the east coast after that... depending on weather conditions and how much time and budget I have left.

Plan on taking my time on the drive: no major highways... hug as closely to the shoreline as possible. Hit whatever interesting locations I might pass (Atlantic City?) along the way.

I might go out and get myself a smart phone today. I really want to travel light, and not bring a computer with me... but I'd like something I could use to plan routes and check email and update folks on my progress.

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