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It's interesting that this topic should come up as I've recently had a brush with business ethics myself.

I work for the US branch of a German based company.(No, I won't name the company but I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find it.) A couple of years ago the German police raided the company's HQ and executed searches on the building including the CEO's office and the compliance division which is the division responsible for ensuring the company is operating within the law in all the countries where there are operations.

It turns out there had been certain payments made in certain countries in order to maintain our business hold in those countries among other infractions. The people involved were charged and while the CEO was never implicated he resigned.

Since then the company has payed some hefty fines, those involved have lost their jobs, and the company's reputation has been severely damaged. Not only that be the regulations within the company regarding conduct toward customers have been constricted severely. (I can't even buy a customer lunch)

I personally was embarrassed that the company I worked for allowed themselves to be put in such a position.

So, that should give you an idea of what can happen when people within a company play fast and loose with ethics.

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