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Well, I watched the cutscene after the 3rd visit as well, and it's the one saying you've landed on Kashyyyk, with a short line about what you found on Coruscant, and Kota cutting you short saying it's none of his business. So the new scene takes place between that and the one at the end of Bespin. We can't really edit it into the Bespin one, because the dialogue is between Starkiller and Juno, and we can't put it in the other one because that's right after. Maybe I could look for a quick clip of just those two in the ship, preferably with their backs to the camera to explain the poor lipsyncing.

The video may be disabled, but you can click the little box in the bottom right, and copy the url, and watch it right on youtube.

I think the Wii version uses live cutscenes, so I think you could just turn off music and effects, and there's the audio. I'm not sure if you can replay levels on the Wii though, so I'd have to have it set up beforehand I guess.

And yes, the 3rd visit has you going and you fight a simulation of your father. I never thought about how well the Jedi temple goes before the cutscene in your old house on Kashyyyk though. I don't know if the Wii has that part. If it does, then it should work fine, but if it doesn't, I may think about this more.

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