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Originally Posted by Alexrd
You can't compare a game to a TV series...
Actually, a lot of people do dompare it to games. Look in the Kotor Section

Weren't the prequels a sad excuse to keep milking the OT?
No, back then it was new, but it seems EU and all the other stuff want to continue on the thing. I think they failed miserably on the prequel trilogy, especially with the whiny bitch Anakin. The few people I think really worked out in the prequel was Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Grievous, and of course Darth Maul.

Isn't that the saga's plot too?
sure it is, but the OT did everything much better. They were classic.

I never understood that logic of more darker, more cool. Why should Star Wars be dark? It didn't began that way, and we liked it the same. Does something need to be dark to be good?
not always, but it would be something new, something that would capture the attention of older audiences. I'm not saying the movies needed to be totally dark. But the CW series should have some episodes which the Seperatists actually win a few times, not the same ending.
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