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Johnathon's Space Strategy

If you use a mod which gives every frigate/capital a fighter compliment/escort, then this would work for you. I just send in my fighters to weaken the enemy defenses. If it is just a small-average station, I would only send my fighters and bombers, if there is enough that is. Have the fighters guard the bombers while the bombers take out the stations and ships. Or have your fighters in hunt mode. If there was a small-average fleet there, then send in a few frigates, some corvettes, and all the fighters. Now if it was a huge fleet, you first put your hunters on hunt, set the bombers on the lead ship, usually a fleet commander or a hero. Once the hero/commander is out, send in the main fleet, but keep the capitals/carriers in the back until the enemy frigates are done. Then, bring in the Capitals to finish the job. And Bingo, Victory
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