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((NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm still here!! Don't shut it down! I've been so busy this last week. I'm here now. Sorry, sorry, sorry I took long. Please don't shut my RP down down!! And Chevron? They're on top of Rawk's rooftop building. ))

"You, after me and Lyna treat the girl, can you help me carry her to a secure area, preferably with a flat surface to lay her on?"

Syana listened on to these people rambling on about her. She just wanted to finish her mission and get it over with.

"I don't think I'd need your help carrying her."

Lyna smiled. "I guess that's settled then."

Slate looked at the Sith woman. "So...What's your name?"

Syana glared. "Syana Bijo." She closed her eyes tightly, holding her wounded waist. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and heard the mysterious man whisper in her ear.

"Don't be in a hurry to die... instead... be in a hurry to regain your life..."

Syana continued to look down. She bit her lower lip with angered tears.

Suddenly, Lyna saw a ship crash from the distance. And four other ships landed. She sighed. "What in the seven galaxies is going on?!" She turned to everyone.

"Okay! Let's get down to business! Slate, our hooded friend, and I will take care of the Sith woman here. The rest of you guys... go see what that crash was about! Let's move! Please."

She began to walk down the swirling stairs that led back inside the building, hoping Slate and Dravin would follow with Syana. "Maybe Droo can help as well. Seeing that she's a better healer than me," Lyna thought to herself.
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