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Originally Posted by Jae
How would you feel about co-op play for ME2 and DA? We discuss it.
I think co op in ME 2 would be great! Fantastic! But i doubt there will be any, since theres 4 days to go for north america, and afaik they haven't said anything about it for the game. (as in feature-boasting)
But imagine if it were being included. Perhaps one player controls Shepard while another player controls a party member.

Imagine how awesomely tactical/tactically awesome it would be!

Example: Approching open area with lots of crates and cover, with lots of enemies hiding under said cover.
Biotic Adept Liara rips them out of cover with Biotic Lift, Pull, Singularity, etc and exposes them while Soldier Shepard can shoot them to shreds with Assault Rifle.

Or juggernaut krogan Grunt runs in and draws fire away while Engineer Shepard sneaks over to a vantage point and proceeds to snipe the enemies' butts off.

It'd be like the tactical Party controls, but amped up a million times because its a Human playing alongside with you, not AI. (and you wouldn't have to pause all the time to do them: everything could be done at lightning speed at real time, which would make things look oodles cooler)

Originally Posted by swphreak
Here's what a Bioware dev had to say about some Mass Effect 2 day 1 DLC:
@DLC: I think this is very much a half full/ half empty situation. You can very easily see the dev's POV that its a bonus, as well as the annoyed gamer's POV that its pointless.

Since i spent a freaking crapload of money for a preordered collector's edition, id like to think of it as being half full.

Originally Posted by Jeff
I felt like the sound quality is noticeably worse in this episode than it has been in the past, am I just making this up or was it actually worse? I just started listening so no comments about the actual episode.
Originally Posted by Jae
I edited this time. Any sound issues are solely my fault. There were some things I did want to edit out that I simply couldn't, such as the occasional background click that drives me crazy. If the extraneous sounds happen in the middle of words, it's not possible for me to edit it out, either because the program can't or I don't know enough yet to be able to do something that sophisticated. I can't tell much difference, but after listening to the last few casts for hours and hours, it's nearly impossible for me to tell. If you could provide some more specifics of what you mean by sound quality, that would be helpful.
To me, it didnt sound like a cutting problem, but rather as if everyone used bad quality microphones. the sound was all scratchy.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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