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first off- when I first read about TFU I was under the impression it was going to be more like KOTOR except non-turn based fighting. KOTOR I & II storyline was awes and the new game engines sounded rad. So I was pumped, TFU was cool but I was disappointed with its linearity, ya you can choose light or dark but no real difference is in the story line, and it lacked the customization of KOTOR. I'm not big on turn based fighting, but enjoy the story of RPG's. I recently discovered Mass Effect it does just that, RPG with non-turn based fighting and it rox. If Lucas really wants a good game give us the engines of TFU and the story of a KOTOR game. So why not get back with bioware (they made KOTOR and ME games) and make it! Also not to talk about ME(mass effect) again but, the way the incorporate story lines between the games, (i.e. kill someone in the first, they're still dead in the sequel), seems (ME2 not out until 26th) like it will be awes and add tons of replay, especially if you have both games (3rd one on the way also). So a sequel to this could have the dude from TFU going into deep space to find the true sith lords and go from there, it’s a blank slate, and who doesn’t want some info on what happened to the true sith, it would rock.
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