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"So tell me Skywalker, exactly how am I suppose to drive one of those when I only have one hand free?"

Cade glanced at Cylax, dumfounded. He stared at the blaster mounted onto his arm. .

"One hand? I thought that was some type of detachable weapon upgrade?" Then he realised that it is his arm. "Oh... I see... So if thats your good arm, how are you able to - wait, I dont wanna know!" he shook his head. He placed his hands in his pockets.

"I suppose you might have to ride on someone elses back for the time being. One can assume I'm off the list, given your current grudge and desire to murder me. I wouldnt want to take that chance. Why dont you ride with Nale instead?"

The zabrak leaned against his bike, waiting for Cylax to make up his mind.
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