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I'm missing the point on why this is such a humongous issue. I think it's just way overblown because we're terrified of ticking anyone off. First, Iraqis speak Arabic, which doesn't even use the same alphabet. How many Iraqi soldiers read English? They're far more likely to pick up Turkish or Farsi as a second language if they pick up one at all. I doubt the average Iraqi soldier would even be able to read the inscription in the first place, much less understand the reference. Third, whether they're shooting at us for religious reasons, or they believe we're there to steal their oil or they hate capitalism or Americans, it doesn't matter. They're at war with us and are going to shoot at us anyway. While I'm all for cultural sensitivity, I really could care less what my enemy thinks, unless it involves distracting him in some way from taking me out before I take him out.
Finally, if he's close enough that he can actually read the inscription on my scope, the concern over whether or not he now considers this a holy war would be the least of my problems.

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