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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
I think it's a more of the threat of prolonged terrorism due to the perceived opposition to Islam than anything else. Jihadists will use it as nothing less than a propaganda tool to recruit others, which will only be used against the West. While it's not detrimental to the most apologetic of Islamic extremists, it will only help convince wary mainstreamers to promote the former group's cause.
OK, an inscription in a language people can't even read to a reference in a holy book they've never read is going to become a propaganda tool. Sure.

Jihadist imam: "Behold! The Great Satanists have put inscriptions to their cursed Bible on their scopes! We must kill them! Join the fight for Allah!"

Reasonable Iraqi: "So, a verse of some book I can't even read, don't care to read, and will never read is on a rifle scope, and you want me to kill for that. Sure thing, right after I, uh, go wash my hair. For the next thousand years."

This makes about as much sense as American fundamentalists wanting to kill Iraqis because the Iraqis have 'Allah' done in henna on their arms. It's also insulting the intelligence and appropriate judgment of reasonable Iraqis.

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