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Somehow Anakin managed to fall asleep that night. Don’t ask me why, since most of us would probably be on the edge of our seats all night waiting for the foretold ghosts. Maybe it was because he had once again managed to convince himself that he had hallucinated about Lando due to indigestion. It was pretty stupid to think that, but Anakin was very stubborn.

Anakin was sound asleep, not even dreaming about anyone close to him dying. Of course, he didn’t have anyone close to him, so that might have helped.

But then his alarm went off.

His eyes popped open. He couldn’t remember setting his alarm, and he certainly couldn’t remember setting his alarm to go off in the middle of the night. After giving a big yawn, he sleepily rolled over to see what time it was.

One o’clock in the morning, exactly.

It was then when Lando’s visitation came back to him, along with the promise that a ghost would appear at one o’clock. He blinked hard, trying to see if there was anything unusual in his room, but after a full two seconds, he concluded that there was nothing.

"I knew it," he said. "Two seconds after one and no ghosts – that proves that it was indigestion."

But no sooner had he spoken than the entire room filled up with a strange, blinding light. It was so bright that he had to cover his eyes so he wouldn’t go blind.

"Your eyes, open," an unfamiliar raspy voice said. "Too long have they been closed."

Anakin slowly peeled his fingers off his eyes, one by one, and found that the light, while still very bright, was at least tolerable now. He still didn’t see any ghost, though.

"Hello?" he asked hesitantly. "Anyone there?"

"Down here, look."

Anakin obeyed the voice and saw that it was coming from a small green creature with pointed ears that stuck out on either side of his wrinkled head. Although he leaned on a wooden cane, he seemed to be the source of all the light.

"So you’re the first spirit?" Anakin exclaimed.

"That I am," said the creature. "The Ghost of Christmas Past, I am, hmmm."

"What?" said Anakin. "This is a joke, isn’t it? I mean, you’re so tiny."

"Judge me by my size, do you?" the ghost said sharply, poking Anakin’s forehead with his cane. "Get up you must. Long journey we have ahead of us, hmm."

"Are you going to be lit up the entire time?" Anakin grumbled.

"Hmm? So soon you would be to put out the light I give?" The ghost gave a hoarse laugh. "Heh heh heh! Come come, to the window now, to the window." He turned around and hobbled towards the window, which opened by itself and let in a cold breeze. "Come come, follow follow."

"Are you serious?" Anakin shouted, leaping out of bed. "Is this just a ploy to get me to jump out the window and die?"

The ghost broke out laughing again. "Heh heh heh heh heh! Come, mortal. Only a touch of my hand you need. Hmm, yes, a touch of my hand, and uplifted you will be."

"You expect me to buy that?"

"If prefer to walk in chains for eternity you do, then my guest you can be. Otherwise, my hand touch now."

It took Anakin a moment to decipher exactly what the ghost said, and another moment to decide whether it was safer to jump out the window or risk suffering Lando’s fate eventually (and of course, he still wasn’t entirely certain that Lando hadn’t been a hallucination). Finally, possibly against his better judgement, he walked up to the ghost and touched his little hand, which was rough and wrinkled.

"Good good," said the ghost. "Now off we go." He squeezed Anakin’s hand and leaped out the window before Anakin would protest.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Anakin cried, closing his eyes, trying to ignore the fact that he was flying through the air.

"Too late to stop, it is," was all the ghost said. He proceeded to ignore it when Anakin threw up in mid-air.

"All right, all right. You know, you’re really embarrassing me here."

Come on, Anakin. Gross humor really sells.

"I thought you were too sophisticated a narrator for that."

Sophisticated? So you think this is supposed to be sophisticated? That’s a good one.

"Okay, can we just get on with it?"

You know, if you didn’t keep interrupting me, there wouldn’t be any need to "get on with it." Anyway, sorry about that, readers. The ghost flew Anakin back in time, until Anakin could feel that he was somewhere very, very familiar.

"Naboo!" he exclaimed, opening his eyes and finding that yes, he was flying over the snowy surface of the planet Naboo. Before long they landed, right next to a building Anakin knew very, very well.

"My old school!" he exclaimed. "I was a boy here . . . hey, wait a minute, wait a minute! If you’ve really seen out movies as often as you claim, then you know I was a boy on Tatooine, not Naboo."

That’s a very strange comment coming from you, Anakin. I thought you hated Tatooine and loved Naboo.

"Still, won’t this confuse people?"

Well if you really want it the other way, we can go to Tatooine.

"No, I didn’t say that!"

Then please try not to interrupt me for a few paragraphs, okay?

"Mmm," said the ghost. "Remember this place do you?"

"Of course!" said Anakin, staring up at the snow-decked building with the domed roof. "I could go through this area blindfolded."

As soon as he spoke, he noticed a line of speeders driving through the school’s snowy courtyard, all full of laughing parents and children going home for Christmas.

"My friends!" Anakin shouted with glee. "Wald! Kitster!"

"Mmm, shadows of your past, these are," said the ghost. "See and hear us they cannot. Like a life-size holofilm this is."

Anakin kept staring at the speeders. "They’re going home for Christmas, aren’t they?"

"Home they are going," said the ghost. "Empty, the school will soon be. Well, empty except for one child." He gestured towards the door with his cane. "Go in, shall we?"

"That depends," said Anakin. "Do I have a choice?"


"In that case, yes, let’s go in."

They went in by going through the wall, which brought the nausea back to Anakin’s head and made him feel like throwing up again, but he didn’t actually do so because the narrator knew that he would interrupt her again if she made him throw up a second time.

"Thank you."

And even though the narrator appreciated that Anakin was being grateful for once, she ignored him because she didn’t feel like interrupting the story for the umpteenth time.

"Humph, see if I thank you again."

As I said, the narrator was ignoring Anakin. He and the ghost were in the largest classroom, where a small boy with a mop of blonde hair was sitting at one of the desks. Anakin stopped in his tracks, immediately realizing who the boy was.

"Why did you not go home for Christmas?" the ghost asked. "Hmm?"

Anakin gulped. "My father didn’t like me."

"Mmm? But no father you have. Conceived by the midichlorians you are."

"Yeah, but the narrator seems to be making this an alternate universe thing that’s firmly based on Scrooge’s past, so now I have a father."

And the narrator is still ignoring the characters talking about her. Anakin stared at his young self for a long time, feeling himself wanting to cry as he remembered all those Christmases spent alone.

"See another Christmas, shall we?" the ghost asked.

"Yes!" Anakin said desperately, and just like that the boy in front of him changed into a teenager, still all alone at Christmas, but then there were running footsteps coming from the hall.

"Ahsoka . . ." Anakin whispered.

In burst a young Torgruta girl with the widest smile you could ever see. "Ani!" she yelled, running up to the teenage Anakin and wrapping him in a big hug.

"Oh Ani," she murmured. "My dear brother."

"All right, hold it, hold it!"

What is it this time, Anakin?

"Do you HONESTLY expect anyone to believe that Ahsoka is my sister??"

Hey, there aren’t many female characters in your movies and she seemed like a good choice for the role. You know, she’s the right age, and you and she certainly act a lot like siblings.

"She’s a different species!"


"It’s just pretty creepy."

Look, who’s the casting director here? I’ve already had to switch Leia and Han’s roles, and if I keep switching roles around I’ll go crazy. Would you rather if Padme played your sister?

"Ewww, all right, have Ahsoka play her. But can we at least rethink this role?"

Ok Anakin, can you think of any famous siblings that could replace your guys' roles?

"Sure, what about Zack and Cody?"

No Ahsoka, they are both brothers.

"Carly and Spencer?"

"My young Padawan, why are you talking about children's sitcoms all the time?"

"Besides Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, and History Channel, thats all I watch! Besides, I am a thirteen year old girl, I need some time to watch what I want to."

"Whatever! Ahsoka's my sister!"

Thank you. Anyway, after the younger Anakin and his sister hugged for a long time, Ahsoka pulled out and said, "Ani, I’ve come to bring you home."

"What??" young Anakin exclaimed. "Home??"

"Yes Ani, home," said Ahsoka. "Dad’s softened up quite a bit since you last saw him, so much so that he actually said yes when I asked him if you could come home."

The younger Anakin was gasping so much that he had to sit back down. "I can’t believe it, Snips."

"Believe it, Ani," said Ahsoka, taking her brother’s hand. "We’re going to have Christmas together. And if Dad goes back to being an old grump, it’ll be too late to send you back."

Meanwhile, the older Anakin was having to choke back tears as he watched.

"Die young, your sister did," the ghost said suddenly, "but children she had."

"Only one child," Anakin said dismally.

"Mmm, yes," said the ghost. "Your nephew Luke, but like dirt you treat him, hmm."

"Die young?? WAIT A MINUTE!!"

Oh great. Ahsoka, you can’t see or hear them, remember?

"So let me see if I’ve got this straight. My character DIES?"

Yes, that’s how the story goes. Scrooge’s sister dies young and that’s why he resents his nephew – because he reminds Scrooge too much of his dead sister.

"Well that’s just peachy. They’re already probably gonna kill me off in Clone Wars – so now you want to kill me off too?? Am I ever gonna get a part where I don’t die??"

"Hey Snips, calm down."

"You stay out of this, Skyguy!"

Look Ahsoka, it’s not my fault that Dickens wrote it that way. If you want to complain about your character dying, take it up with him.

"I believe I will! Where can I find him?"

Uh . . . well he’s kinda dead.


Um, maybe this would be a good time for a chapter break. We’ll be right back . . . maybe.
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