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"Another Christmas, we shall visit, yes"

"Yeah fine ok, as long as I get paid!"

The ghost and Anakin went to a palace in the corusaunt lower city where it appeared there was a party.

"Remember this place, do you?"

"Of course spirit! This is the old Fettiwig bounty hunting agency! My first job!"

"Go inside, we will."

The two walked inside the palace, where they found the largest most rowdy group of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and Jedi all partying.

"Spirit, look! That's old Boba Fettiwig himself. And his wife Mira the Huntress. Uhh Narrator, don't you find it creepy that someone 4000 years older than Boba is married to him."

Lets have Dutchess Sateen marry him then!


"Master Obi Wan, what the heck are you doing here?"

"The dutchess Sateen is MY girlfriend!"

"What master, I thought you specificly said in clon wars season 2 trailer 'Uh yes....Anakin wait she's not my....uhh never mind.'"

"Ok Anakin, you got me."

"Mister narrator, sir?"

Yes Boba, what is it?

"I'm fine with Mira being my wife."

Anywho, the Fettiwigs have an annual Christmas party and Anakin, being Boba's best Hunter/Jedi, is invited.

"Ahh, mister Skywalker, pleasure to see you! How has your year been?"

"Very well thank you sir! How's your boss Jaba doing?"

"He's doing very well too, its been such an honor to be given command of his Corusaunt opperations. Oh, and there Is someone I would like you to meet!"

At that moment, Boba walked with Anakin over to the table the Amidalas were sitting at.

"Anakin, I would like to introduce to you, Padme Amidala!"

Anakin gazed into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he ever saw. They talked for hours and they soon discovered they had lots in common, and th-"

"Hold on one minute. That isn't how I met Padme!"

Thats how you do itn this story now shut up! As I was saying, Padme and Anakin instantly fell in love and he even propossed to her!

"Anakin, another Christmas, with this young lady, you spent."

"No spirit! Please don't show me that Christmas."

But before Anakin finished talking, they were back on Naboo in a little gazebo. Anakin couldn't believe his eyes, there was his Padme, dead. He was at her funeral. This was 20 years ago. And before you interupt me Anakin, I know you aren't that old in real life, so we aren't gonna argue more. She was dead and he was very broken, if only he was there for her, even though they were married, he rarely saw her. Now she was gone, just like Lando. They had only one child, Leia. Leia, as everybody knows, married Anakin's clerk Han whom Skywalker didn't approve of. He therefore disowned his daughter.

"Spirit, show me no more, I have seen enough. Leave me!"

Just as fast as the ghost came, he disapeared, and Skywalker found himslef back in his meditation chambers.....
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