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Chapter 4

Once again, Anakin was alone in his room, he tried sleeping some more but couldn't. His alarm went off, again!

"O boy! The second ghost is comming, might as well get it over with!"


"No! Narrator, what is this!"

"Hia, wanna go jellyfishing!"

"NOOOOOOOOO! Narrator, why is spongebob the 2nd ghost!?"

"He seems to be a perfect character for the role. He's jolly, he's optimistic, he likes food, he's everything you'd want in a ghost! C'mon lets sing. Ok guys, from the top! Are you ready kids?"

"Eye eye narrator!"

"I can't here you!"

"Eye eye narrator!"

OHHHHHHH, who lives in a pinapple under the sea. Spongebob Squarepants! Obsorbant and yellow and course is he! Spongebob Squarepants. Nautical knots may be something you wish, so just hop up on deck and flop like a fish. Ready? Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob.....Squarepants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Whats a matter Anakin?"

"This is all wrong! Spongebob isn't even a Star Wars Character!"

Fine, BANE, get over here! Change of plans, you'll play the part of the 2nd ghost!

"Alright! I am a Duros, we can do anything!"

Not Cad Bane, Darth Bane.

"Right here."

"Hey Darth, aren't you supposed to be the most feared Sith ever or something? Its kinda Ironic you're portraying a jolly Santa-like fellow!"

"I know, I'm doing this for community service. Well, not really comunity service, more like work release. Ya see, I killed a family of scavengers on a planet once and-"

That's no different than Anakin killing younglings, but ok, your theghost. Ok, where was I, oh yes, Anakin walked into the next room and found a Jolly man in a room of food.

"Hohoho! I'm the ghost of Christmas present, come in and share a drink with me!"

"Now this is more like it, have any kababa juice?"

"Why certainly, did I mention I was the ghost of Christmas present?"

"Yes you did."

"Well then, we shall get going!"

"Spirit, where are we?"

"Welcome to Christmas morning!"

"Its so merry here on Corusaunt! Even the bounty hunters are being nice to the hunted! And the criminals are only stealing from the rich to give to the poor! Amazing!"

"Yes, if only you were this way. You would have so many fine friends in life. Look! Its your old friend Boba Fettiwig! Yes, gosh I haven't seen him in ages! He was a good person indeed."

"The sad thing is, he doesen't think much of you anymore, let alone remember you. Lets stalk him home."

"Whats this dump spirit?"

"Why, you don't remember it, this is the bounty hunter agency. Right after you quit, this place went out of buisness since you brought in most of it."

"please, lets get out of here!"

"Alright, Alright c'mon, we have more places to see and so little time!"

As soon as Anakin said this, the two appeared in a nice apartment in the corusaunt upper city with about 11 people inside. These people were, a young twilek girl and her older brother, the Vao's! Next were Starkiller, Juno Eclipse, and there new child. Kyle Katarn and Jan were there too along with Captain Rex. And At both heads of the table were, yes, Anakin's nephew Luke and his wife Mara Jade with there son Cade!

"Finaly you got something right!"

Ok Anakin, just for that I'm changing Luke's wife from Mara Jade to Bastila Shan! And there child is Harry Potter.

"OK OK THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE! Bastila your my girl, I thought you loved me, not Skyguy the second."

"I'm right with ya Revan, wana go get a Krabby Patty?"

"I'll make them right here costumer!"

Thanks spongebob, now back to the story! Ohh yeah, and I was just kidding about Harry Potter. So they were all of a sudden transported to Luke Skywalker's apartment where he was having his party.

"Lets play a game of Scharades!"

"Ooo I love Scharades, I used to play it with Griff all the time!"

"Ok Mission, I'll start if its ok with you."

"Go ahead Mr. Skywalker."

All of a sudden Luke started imitating a Jedi knight crouched down with scruffy hair. He then put on a mask of black that resembled much of Darth Vader's. Mission was the first to speak.

"A sith?"

"Close, but not quite."

Starkiller spoke next.

"My old Master?"

"Ohh, yes, but you didn't say his name."

"Isn't it Darth Vader Honey?"

"Why yes Juno, it certainly is, you are getting much warmer, you can almost guess who I am!"

"Why, your imitating General Skywalker!"

"Right you are Rex! Very good. Now who wants desert?"

"Spirit, they are mocking me, and some of these people are my friends like Rex, Starkiller, and my nephew!"

"Indeed they are Anakin, but that doesen't mean that they are not aware of your cruelty, come, there is another place I wish to take you too. They soon appeared inside a shabby slum in the lower city."

"What is this foresaken place?"

"This is the home of Han Solo and your daughter Leia."

"Its so shabby!"

"Yeah, too bad they can't afford a nice home like Luke."

"Why not."

"Well it turns out that Han's boss dosen't pay very much."

"Who is his boss, that isn't very nice!"

"You are!"

"Oh yeah, he he!"

"Master, I found other siblings who could play us."

"Umm, Ahsoka."

"I was just watching TV and Hanna Montana was the only thing on, and I thought that Miley and Jackson would be perfect!"

"Umm Ahsoka."

"Yeah Master."

"We kinda already finished that part. Besides, you don't even like Hanna Montana."

"I don't, but that dosen't mean its not funny at times!"

Ok Spirit, continue.

"The Solo's live here, look, right there, thats your daugter Leia and her husband and your clerk Han. Thats there oldest, Jacean and his twin Anakin Solo."

"Ahh, how nice, they named him after me."

"Actually, they named him after your father."

"Oh, I see."

"The girl is Juhani and those are their orphaned cousins on Han's side of the family they took in, my apprentice Zannah and her older brother who's name escapes me right now."

"And who's that guy over there?"

"Thats, Stewie. he's crippled."

"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stewie Gryphin! From Family Guy! You honestly think I'm going to eccept him into the role of Tiny Tim?"

Yes Anakin.

"How is he even related to Star Wars."

Well, they have a new special out called FAMILY GUY Something Something Something Darkside out now. Its a spoof of Star Wars.

"Fair enough, so he's crippled, why don't they get a doctor?"

"You don't pay enough?"


As Both Darth Ba- I mean the ghost of Christmas Spirit and Anakin walked away, they heard Stewies little voice say in his sophisticated British accent-

"May the force bless us, everyone."

"Spirit, will the child survive?"

But he was gone and Anakin found himself in his chambers once again.....
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