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Chapter 5

Anakin fially got an hour or so of sleep before the next ghost would arrive. It was a restless dreamless sleep, or perhaps he drempt the first two ghosts, thats what he thought when he woke up at least, but he woke up not to the alarm nor the bells of Christmas Morning, but to a dark shaddow hovering over his bed. Anakin slipped on his robes and opened the certains on his bed.

Hovering over him was a very tall black figure in flowing capes and robes with a white mask. He wasn't the only figure there though, but there was also a young Mirakula girl standing next to him.

"Are you the ghost of Christmas yet to come?"

"Ghree yuhkgom ack gloop, chiff am dakimus!"

"What I didn't get that, and what up with your voice?"

"This is my Master Darth Nihilus, and I'm Visas Marr, and yes he is the third ghost."

"Oh, please disregard my previous statement, it was kinda uncalled for. So can we get this over with, I'm really tired. And by the way, you are by far the coolest ghost I've met tonite!"

"Goo da lassa!"

Darth Nihilus, the ghost of Christmas yet to come gave Anakin a big hug. Darth Nihilus was misunderstood and was very sensitive, not just with the force, but in emotions too!

"He says thank you, you made his day."

Whoa there Anakin! What is this. Your supposed to be afraid of the ghost of Christmas future! You're treating him as if he's your friend!

"Well, actually he attends the annual Sith Lord reunion, every Sith Lord no matter how minor must attend!"

I see, just pretend to be scared of him, k?

"Ok, Ahhh, ohhh, what monster is this?


What, no igniting lightsabers in here Nihilus, he's just kidding. remember its just a story.

"Master, no hurting people, your counciler won't be happy. Take a deep breath. Thats it. Now hand me your lightsaber. Good master. Want a treat?"


"Ok, I guess I've taken it a bit too far. Carry on,"

The ghost took Anakin and Visas to a graveyard, and from there, they got transported through time to a very dirty crime infested city.

"What are we doing here on Nar Shadda?"

The spirit showed Anakin a sign that said, "Welcome to Corusaunt."

"Surely this can't be Corusaunt spirit?"

Nihilus shook his head and showed Anakin all of the gloomy refugees that dwelt in this terrible city."

"My master wishes to show you another thing. come, this is the exchange hq."

Nihilus and Visas showed Anakin Davik Kang's and GOTO's crime agency and-

"Uhh, mister narrator, I have a question?"

Yes Visas, what is it?

"Well, uhh, first of all GOTO and Davik never worked for each other and Anakin and Davik/Goto never lived at the same time."

Niether did you Visas, remember that this story isn't part of cannon.

"Ohhhhhhh, I see! I never knew that, I just signed up because Nihilus and I just wanted to do some extra curricular stuff!"

So Davik and GOTO had a big basket of stuff which they were dividing while their hunter's, Mira, Hannhar, Calo, and Canderous guarded them.

"Alright GOTO, you can have his lightsaber, you always loved hunting Jedi!"

"Yup, and you always had a thing for clothes and fine cloaks, so you can keep his robes."

"Ohh! Can I have his black cape too?"

"Ahh whatever, as long as I get his cool mask and armor!"

The two men divided the possesions of this unfortunate soul until Anakin asked of something.

"Spirit, can you please take me to the Solo's home, I wish to see what became of them?"


"My Master says that that was already in his itenerary. Come, lets get going!"

They soon arived in the gloomy apartment in the lower city that Bane took him earlier, but, it seemed even the more gloomy. Was it because the city got the more gloomy itself, or was it because there was an empty chair with crutches?

"Oh no Spirit, Stewies dead?"

"No I'm not you dimwit! I'm right over here planning to take over the world! Ohh, where are my manners? Snowcone?"

Uggh! Stewie, your supposed to be dead!

"Well excuse me for being polite! I'm usually on a show rated TV 14 that isn't appropriate for young children if you don't mind. You might as well have Phineas or Ferb play Tiny Tim! Good day too you!'

"Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!"

There are 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it, so, the anual problem for this generation is finding a goodway to spend it!

Like maybe........Building a spaceship or fighting Darth Malak or climbing up the senate building! Breeding A Hutt the size of Jabba or giving a Bantha a shower! YA YA YA! Playing Tiny tim, In a Star Wars Christmas Carol or even finding a star map. "Its over here" Rocking out out with bith's, telling some twilek myths or piloting the Milenium Falcon! As you can see there's a bunch of stuff besides fighting fat boars! So stick with us either Phineas and Ferb are now apart of Star Wars!

"Mom, Phineas and Ferb are in a Star Wars Christmas Carol!"

"Ok, Ferb is the idea person, I'll play Tiny Tim."

"You are aware we're minors, Phineas, we probably won't get payed a shilling for this!"

"I know, but it'll be fun!"

"You mean, Spirit, Stew- i mean Phineas is, dead?!"

The ghost shook his head.

"Yes, My master also says he's not the only one dead."

"Oh, Ferb, we got totaly ripped off, I only get to play a dead guy! Lets get Stewie, he stole my role, get him."

"I'll be glad to get him, I'm not due back until the certain call! After all, I am a bounty hunter."

"Ok Boba, Ferb and I will stay and watch the show!"

The ghost led Anakin back to the gravyard where he was shocked to see, his own grave!

"Spirit what is this, some sort of trick?"

He shook his head.

"No spirit, surely this is only something that will possibly happen. There is still time to change, right? Please Spirit, answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anakin tugged on Nihilus' cloak and soon found himself tugging on his own bedsheets. It was bright outside. It was Christmas Morning!
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