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It was Christmas morning! Scr--I mean Anakin got himself up and did a little song and dance!

"Hey, wait a minute, I don't dance! Everybody knows I don't dance!"

"You sing though Anakin! You do in the shower every day!"

"I wasn't asking you Luke was I?"

"He also has 15 different lufas and a snuggie!"

"LALALALALLALALAL! I'm not listening!"

As I was saying, Anakin walked over to his window and saw a little twilek girl named Numa.

"Hey, little girl! What day is it?"

"Mara Mara Christmas Day Mara!"

"Obi Wan, whats she saying? I don't speak twilek."

"Mara means brother as I have stated In Clone Wars episode 18 season 1."

"Brother, Brother, its Christmas, Brother. She said its Christmas! Hurray!"

"Bara Bara! Get me a Christmas turkey Bara!"

"Ya Mara, ya Mara! HAHAHAHA!"

"Obi Wan, what is it? Bara does mean sister right?"

"Actually Bara means, butt."

"So, now shes getting me a trukey......butt?"

"Indeed. Don't worry, I'm sure she understood your poor efforts to speak twilek."

Anakin skipped downstairs and oppened the door leading out to the upper city of Coruscaunt. He had a song on his lips like he sings in the shower every morning.

"Ba Da dadada duuuuu, bada dad dat daa. Sing your happy song! Smurf the whole day long! Yaya! Something Something yeah I'll get all of you I hate smurfs. LALALALA. Youll be smurfy soon! Yeah!"

"Oh no, its that Skywalker fellow again Artoo!"


"I know, ahh he's coming our way!"

"Hello gents! How about 1000 credits, here ya go. Merry Christmas!" Anakin walked away leaving giant sacks of credits with the droids.

"Ahh, sir?"

"Ohh, too little, let me double that! 2000 credits! 1000 for you, and 1000 for the poor! Ohh, Merry Christmas!"

Anakin went to all the places he never believed existed, the toy store, the Coruscaunt Upper City Emprorium, a bunch of places! His first stop was to distribute all of his gifts to all his friends, and then he went to Han's apartment, it was right where it was in his dream. Or was it a dream? Leia was cooking dinner, just like in the dream, little Phineas/Stewie said may the Force bless us, Everyone! Then he walked inside the house.

"Han Solo! Why weren't you at work this morning?"

"But sir, you gave me the day off to spend time with my family and friends."

"I did no such thing, however I'm willing to give you the whole rest of the week off, as well as raising your salary and making you my full time partner. In yo face Lando!"

"I just got served."

That you did Lando, now back to the true story!

"You are taking away my uncel's lif you dispicible monster!"

"Juhani, wait! What did you just say Anakin?"

"I'm going to double your salary, give you the whole week off, and make you my full time partner. In yo face Lando!"

"Oooooooookey dokeey boss! I mean partner!"

C'mon, my nephew Luke has Christmas dinner waiting. Wanna come, he says your invited?"

"Really, that'l be great?!"

Anakin and the family walked with the turkey butt Numa gave them to Luke's house, and boy was he suprised!

"Great walk in!" said Luke.

They were all there, Mission, Galen, Juno, Griff, Kyle, and the others. And Anakin became a second father to Phineas/Stewie.

The End

Well, wasn't that fun guys?

"Yeah it was mister narrator. Now who the heck are you so I can beat the heck outta you?"

I'm commin, I'm commin!

"George Lucas!?"

Yesire, who'd ya expect to be the narrator? Lets sing the Star Wars Christmas special theme song from 1978. I bought all but one copy it was so bad! I don't know what happened to it though? Ohh well, some things I just guess are mysteries.

(On the other side of the world, a guy from a third world country puts in a Star Wars Christmas special vid and watches it.)

The End
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