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I'm with Jae. This isn't a big deal. Those who would use this as propaganda would find any excuse to use anything as propaganda. If we're so worried about how they will perceive us, we need to have the religious preference taken off our dog tags as well. Already troops are told to remove things such as crosses. I understand that a Christian quote could be construed as a religious effort in a war. But to the extremists, it already IS a religious war. They won't care about the words on a scope nearly as much as some make it out to be.

Besides, so long as American troops are in the "Holy Land" it will always be a religious war to the extremists.

And does anyone know exactly what the inscription is? The exact inscription? Its not as if the actual John 3:16 verse is on there. The inscriptions are rather vague unless you know what you are looking at.
The first is:
and the second is:

They don't have the whole verse written out(not that you could have the whole thing written out). But to those that know the first is second Corinthians 4:6 and the second is John 8:12
See for yourself how the verses are packaged.

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