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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
OK, an inscription in a language people can't even read to a reference in a holy book they've never read is going to become a propaganda tool. Sure.
Yes. The Satanic Verses was a novel that few in the West had even heard about, let alone isolated near-poverty Muslims... yet, every Iranian citizen became acquainted, familiarized, and furious with it overnight, all because the Ayatollah told them so. The first day, no one in the pan-Islamic world had heard of Salman Rushdie, and now, he's everyone's arch-nemesis. It's quite the cakewalk for any poverty-level, mainstream Iranian to go from blissfully ignorant to well-versed, radical idealist, all because of one person told them so. I'm sure that's not just confined to any nation, religion, or creed, too.
This makes about as much sense as American fundamentalists wanting to kill Iraqis because the Iraqis have 'Allah' done in henna on their arms. It's also insulting the intelligence and appropriate judgment of reasonable Iraqis.
Any troubled youth can turn from complacent and reserved to violently radical by the influence of any role model(s)... that's how society gets a good deal of the gang activity, tyrants, and mass-murderers from. The poverty-stricken aren't the only ones; the violent can also originate from the intellectual middle and upper-class citizens; John Walker Lindh, for example. Ultimately, it depends upon the personality and current state of the individual, and the appropriate corrupter, in order to breed hatred such as this.
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