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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Move the goal post? The point isn't when or how they found out, the point is that they found out. It was a oversight nothing more, but it was a oversight that was highly preventable had the people in charge just used a little common sense.

Edit: Article JediAthos writes about below: Petraeus calls gunscope inscriptions "disturbing" from Yahoo! News

United States Central Command
There was no goal post I was aware of. Did I not mention earlier that those who would call this a religious war would do so anyway. AlJazeera has been doing so without the bible verses. They've been making it out to be America's War on Islam since the start.

A little common sense? I pointed out how obscure the references were. Can you honestly tell me that you would have automatically assumed that 32JN8:12 was talking about John 8:12? It's actually a portion of the part number. Which actually makes sense of the whole light quote... In fact you kinda gotta hand it to them for using a creative part numbering system where the part number actually tells you what it is if you know the specific passage.

2COR4:6 Night Scope
JN8:12 Advanced Combat Optics

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