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Originally Posted by Wurtsi View Post
Actually, it's been a while since I last played KOTOR so I can't remember all, barely any of the mods I had downloaded. Is there any way to check which ones I have installed?

I think I at least have the Weapons of the Old Republic mod running. Any known problems there?
Possibly, cannot recall if WotOR had any .2da's that would be a problem... in my experience, sadly, I have forsaken WotOR due to general bugginess/incompatibility issues. Regretfully, as it is an excellent mod in most areas and has lots of great work in it...

As for checking for what is installed, there is no tool to tell you what is/is not installed. You would only know by looking through scripts in your override and finding ones that were author-specific in filename. I would say at that point, toss the old override and just install freshly the mods you want. That, of course, would necessitate a new PC with fresh new saves.

Also, how far along were you in the buggy playthough, before your installation of BoS:SR? If you had it installed and started a fresh game, you should not have had issues. If it was an old save, you will definitely encounter issues due to how booleans are set, what triggers might have been missed, etc..
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